ISO 9001:2015

The International Standard for Quality Management Systems


ISO 9001 is an international standard by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) for organizations wishing to improve overall efficiency, performance and implement a quality management system in order to demonstrate continuous improvement and quality performance for their processes.

In todays competitive world, "best in class" quality and customer satisfaction are important selection criterion for choosing a business organization. Hence ISO 9001 Certification shows Organization's commitment to align their activities / processeswith the demands of its customers

The updated ISO 9001:2015 standard focuses on a risk-based approach on an organization's processes and helps to determine the factors under the Quality Management System for putting preventive measures and addressing risks and opportunities.

Certification according to the standard ISO 9001 increases customer satisfaction and confidence among business partners, stakeholders and employees in the organization and certify the ability to to provide consistent delivery of products or services. ISO 9001 ensures a better understanding of organizational processes and efficient functioning of their strong involvement of top management, clear definition of responsibilities and authorities, creating the framework for continuous improvement and application of the requirements on quality, improving internal and external communication, efficient use of resources and reduce non-quality costs. The Other benefits of ISO 9001 Certification are:

  • Endorse Organization commitment on Quality Management by effective quality management system

  • Increased customer confidence, the community, employees and the Authorities

  • International Recognition of Certification improve organisation image and reputation

  • Advantage over business competitors